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* For detailed information about new stocks, please click on the relevant stock listing code to check and for the subscription amount table for different lots, please check the board lot size column.

# Margin subscription amount is at least HK$200,000. Margin interest rates are for reference only, and may change at any time in response to market changes.



The information cited in this article was collected by the Company from sources believed to be accurate and is for reference only. Investors should consult the company's prospectus before making an investment decision. The company is not responsible for any loss caused by trust or reference to relevant content.

Regardless of whether the client has been allocated new shares or whether the company can successfully go public, the subscription fee (if applicable) and loan interest will not be refunded.

According to the "Stock Listing Rules of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited" ("Listing Rules"), clients must not subscribe for new stocks/bonds repeatedly, that is, submit more than one subscription under the same name (even in joint names) For application, the company has the absolute right to directly reject the subscription application without prior notice. In addition, the company will not be responsible for any application returned by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange or a listed company due to the repeated subscription of new stocks/bonds, and the client shall bear the responsibility of the regulations.