Opening Account

To open a security trading account with Fair Eagle Securities Company Limited, client is required to submit the following documents:


(1) Personal Account / Joint Account
Copies of HKID/Passport of personal account holder and/or joint account holders, address-proof, i.e. utilities bills, bank statements or credit card statements, for the past three months is required from client and bank book/or bank card.


(2) Business Account
Business registration;
Certificate of Incorporation and any subsequent Certificate of Incorporation on Change of Name;
Board resolution authorizing the opening of an account with us;
Memorandum and Articles of Association;
Form X concerning the Appointment of Directors and Secretary;
Copies of HKID/Passport of Director(s) and authorized person(s) operating the securities trading account;
Certified true copy of shareholder list;
Copy of client’s latest annual report (NAR1);
Certificate of incumbency (for overseas registered company).

(3) Signing of account opening documents
The securities trading account documents should be signed and witnessed before an account executive or customer service of Fair Eagle Securities Company Limited. 
The account executive and customer service should check and verify all the information stated on the Client Information Statement and all the supporting documents.